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Technical services available include, but are not limited to:

3D Data Prep, CAD Data Cleanup, File Conversion, Consultation, Site Control Setup, Site Calibration, Load Design Files, Machine Site Verification, Tie Down Survey, Field Data Collection, Construction Staking, Volume Calculations & Trimble Certified Training.

3D Data Prep
SITECH Mid-South, LLC provides 3D Data Prep models tailored for the Trimble user.  Our designation as a Trimble Authorized Dealer, in conjunction with an in-depth knowledge of the Trimble product line ensure that our models will be the most functional, efficient and precise.  Model builders are Trimble Certified Business Center-HCE trainers and users.  Models are prepared and/or reviewed by licensed professional engineers with extensive field expertise.  We provide models for industrial developments, commercial sites, roads & bridges, subdivisions, golf courses, levees, dams, utilities, etc.  Pricing is subject to the complexity of the design.  Upon request, models can be developed for any manufacturer or system type. Click to start your work order!


CAD Data Cleanup
Most CAD files do not contain intelligent line work.  Let SITECH Mid-South convert your CAD file into an intelligent file so you can import data into your software without the hassle of cleaning the file yourself.

File Conversion
We will convert your job files to a compatible format to be used with your Trimble Guided Machines or Trimble Data Collectors. File formats include but are not limited to: csv, dxf, ttm, cfg, svl & svd.

SITECH Mid-South is positioned to provide industry leading solutions to your construction and surveying needs.  Challenge our team to advise you with the tools and means available to provide feasible and economical solutions to the problems that arise on your sites.

Site Control Setup
When starting many projects its typical that control has been destroyed or lost.  On some smaller scale projects it is possible that control has never been established. SITECH Mid-South has the tools and experience available to establish and/or re-establish control points. Take advantage of our knowledge of the Trimble process to create a strong foundation for our Trimble Guided machines.

Site Calibration
SITECH Mid-South can provide the site calibration for your next work site.  We will perform base station setup and use the existing or SITECH established control to create your site calibration.Increase your accuracy and productivity with the optimal site setup provided by the pros.  Put our experience to the test. 

Load Design Files
SITECH Mid-South will travel to your site and import Machine Control Data files onto your Trimble Guided Machines and data collectors.   We know Trimble and we know how to make our products work best for you.

Machine Site Verification
No matter how good the control, site calibration or data model has been prepared, if your machine is not tuned properly it will result in poor quality operations. Our Trimble Certified staff has the experience to verify your machine is performing optimally.  Let us verify the accuracy of the machine by validating machine measurements with control, measuring blade wear and performing machine valve calibrations if necessary.  Who better than the Trimble Authorized dealer to ensure the accuracy of your Trimble Guided Machines?

Tie Down Survey
The original ground topographic survey for projects are often outdated or incomplete.  Errors and/or omissions in the original ground survey limits the precision of the 3D model.  SITECH Mid-South will travel to worksite for field verification and perform a tie down survey to collect the point information needed to complete an accurate and profitable 3D model.

Field Data Collection
Data collection required to process topos and as-builts can be very time consuming.  We realize that your company may not have the time or resources available to spend collecting this data.  We have the solution for you.  Let our experienced staff use a variety of Trimble Construction Staking products to gather this information for you.  It frees up your time and you can be sure the data will be reliable.

Construction Staking
SITECH has the equipment and skills available to clearly mark on the ground the planned location of buildings, utilities, paving, drainage and any other improvements as designed by a civil engineer and or an architect. We ask that the customer supply us with a complete set of stamped and approved civil and architectural plans, as well as CAD files pertaining to the project.

Volume Calculations
Whether it’s our points or yours we have the powerful Business Center-HCE software and Trimble Certified users available to process the data and produce accurate volume calculations.  Let us quantify your next stockpile or work productivity.

Trimble Certified Training
Our Training service is conducted by our own in-house Trimble Certified Trainers.  Experienced Trimble Certified trainers have a training course to suit your individual industry needs.  We provide a structured training solution that will allow your staff to build the confidence and knowledge needed to be productive with your Trimble Product Line.  Let us work with you to create the training program that suits your needs.

More Information Available
For more information about the Technology Services please contact us at 606-682-3888 or email us at Rely on SITECH Mid-South, LLC and over 200 years combined experience.




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